Burnout Is Hot

Sooner or later 25% of the population has to deal with psychological problems. According to a recent Belgian study 2 out of 3 employees deal with lots of stress and even 1 out of 10 gets totally exhausted. Blame The Bosses It seems to be a fashion trend to blame the employers for everything that goes… [read more]

How Digital Health Startups Can Improve Their Twitter Impact

By / August 12, 2016 / Startup Stories

Startups and especially early stage startups typically don’t have the biggest marketing budget to get exposure. They might have a promising product or service but still lack the funds to step into the spotlight. With some well-chosen regular social media activity however, exposure is just around the corner. Not by Google Ads, not by promoting… [read more]

The Barrier Digital Health Startups Need to Break

By / July 14, 2016 / Startup Stories

Digital Health is hot but underachieving. Digital Health startups have been booming since the start of the decade as reflected by the fact that they account for 7% of total venture funding. This should not be surprising as healthcare still offers lots of opportunities for digitization. In 2016 healthcare is still one of the least… [read more]

How Sleep-deprivation Is A Silent Killer

By / July 8, 2016 / Background Stories

  Introduction Several studies have proven that good sleep is essential for the proper brain function. Even moderate sleep deprivation impairs the cognitive and motor brain performance equivalent to legally prescribed levels of alcohol intoxication. Police and authorities are always focusing on alcohol, but the effects of fatigued driving are similar to drunk driving: Impaired… [read more]

Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow

Data is everywhere. It is digitizing snapshots of life and the world we live in. Whether it’s big or small, key is to make it smart and meaningful. With the ever increasing computing power and rise of sensors able to sense the world at a more and more granular level it’s clear that we are… [read more]

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